JTTW Episode 27: Detention & Deportation

By Sen Tien

J, Vi and Sen discuss American as well as Australian issues regarding the detention and deportation of citizens, residents & refugees.

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#AsianLove Campaign

(2 min read)

Calling all Asians! Let’s celebrate ourselves and each other.

In Western media, Asians have poor representation, if any at all. We are often used as background characters, stuck playing the sidekick, or shown as submissive partners for white people. But instead of waiting to see ourselves in Hollywood, why not represent ourselves?

With the #AsianLove campaign, let’s openly celebrate Asian love by unapologetically centering ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s reaffirm who we are: a diverse, proud, and united community. Join in on our campaign by sharing a photo of you and your Asian bae, groups of Asian friends, or your family with these hashtags: #AsianLove, #asiantwitter, #ToAllTheBoysIveLovedBefore, #AMAW, #AMAM, #AWAW, #ProAsian, #AsianCouples, #SEAcouples, #DisabledAsianLove, etc.

Note: Asians refers to ALL Asians of different ethnic groups, gender identities and orientations.

Posts can be made at any time, but we will be liking and retweeting new posts every Thursday from 12pm-3pm local time for a weekly dose of positive vibes.


JTTW Episode 16: Being Bilingual

By Sen Tien

We discuss our different experiences with our parent’s language. J talks about the emphasis of English instead of Tagalog in her family and culturally, Sen talks about interpreting for her parents, Vi talks about almost being put in ESL as her parents switched to speaking English at home, and Wen attended school where nearly all the Asians kids were put in ESL.

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JTTW Episode 13: Working Class

By Sen Tien

In this episode, we talk about how the working class or blue collar workers experience racism differently. We briefly touch on class as well and how it’s a neglected dynamic in the Asian activism sphere.

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JTTW Episode 9: Role Models for Asian Women

By Sen Tien

March is International Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is March 8. We talk about who we consider our role models, the lack of Asian Women in mainstream feminist spaces, teaching ourselves our own histories, and seeking out people to support.

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JTTW Episode 6: Praisin’ the Asian

By Sen Tien

Vi, J, Sen, and Wen are back to talk about “praisin’ the Asian”! We touch on the gendered double standards of attractiveness, promoting self-love among the Asian community, and our Asian crushes. Fangirling ensues!

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