To My Fellow Gen Z Asians

(9 min read time) Generation (n.): All of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively The production or creation of something Generation Z: Those born around 1995 and onwards As a Los Angeles native, I really felt the recent passing of local hip hop artist and community activist Nipsey Hussle.…

JttW Episode 35: Youtube Influencers

By Sen Tien Vi and Sen touch on influencers and their impact on YouTube. Mostly focus on the beauty community and how it affects Asian women. Find us on Twitter: Official Twitter: J. Maraan: Sen Tien: Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts: Listen on Andriod: We're also on Stitcher: Read Vi's Article:

TMFL Episode 60: Racist Love

By Albert Hur and Teen Jong, Tang, Al, and Teen debate Frank Chin and Jeffrey Paul Chan's seminal essay, "Racist Love," and its relevance in Trump's America.  The essay can be found here: We also plug Frank Chin's "lost novel," edited for publication by Calvin McMillin and available here: This was one of…

TMFL Episode 55 – Office Hours: Racial Identity and Psychological Well-Being

By Albert Hur and Teen Tang and Jong explain to Teen an academic study of the impact of the level of racial and ethnic identification among Asian Americans and their psychological well being.  The study done was done by Derek Iwamoto and William Liu, and can be found at:

TMFL Episode 54: The Missing Asian Intellectualism in the American Ethnostate

By Albert Hur and Teen Al, Teen, and to some extent a variety of shouting Lambdabros argue for a culture of intellectualism among Asian Americans as a way of navigating and surviving the coming era of the White American Ethnostate.  To Teen, this is all potentially way, way worse than the progressive media is allowing…