JTTW Episode 20: Asian Woman Stereotypes

By Sen Tien

J, Vi and Sen discuss stereotypes revolving around Asian women and how we can try to regain agency over our own perceptions.

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JTTW Episode 19: “Fringe” Racism

By Sen Tien

We discuss some people who take a toe-dip into racism and run for the hills by minimizing and downplaying the realities of it. The cognitive dissonance balancing act many have dubbed “fringe” racism.

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JTTW Episode 18: Why Asian Woman Are Silent in Online Spaces

By Sen Tien

We’ve come to notice when it comes to talking about racism, there aren’t many Asian women who are willing to speak out or condemn such things publicly. We talk about why this happens and rant about some issues of how we exist in the online space and how difficult for women to support each other as a “sisterhood”.

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JTTW Episode 17: Diversity Lipservice

By Sen Tien

As Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is coming to a close, we touch on the concept of diversity and how we aren’t always included. If we really care about diversity, then we’ve got to actually talk about racism.

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JTTW Episode 16: Being Bilingual

By Sen Tien

We discuss our different experiences with our parent’s language. J talks about the emphasis of English instead of Tagalog in her family and culturally, Sen talks about interpreting for her parents, Vi talks about almost being put in ESL as her parents switched to speaking English at home, and Wen attended school where nearly all the Asians kids were put in ESL.

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JTTW Episode 15: Qipaogate

By Sen Tien

A white high school girl in America posted a photo of her wearing a qipao or cheongsam to prom and caused a twitter storm. It is okay for her to wear it? Is it cultural appropriation? We dissect the situation as Asian diaspora.

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JTTW Episode 14: Panhandling Activists Begging for “Change”

By Sen Tien

Join J, Vi and Sen as they imitate online activists, describe encounters with panhandlers and how they try to navigate the volatile nature of the ‘them vs. us’ rhetoric on Twitter.

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JTTW Episode 13: Working Class

By Sen Tien

In this episode, we talk about how the working class or blue collar workers experience racism differently. We briefly touch on class as well and how it’s a neglected dynamic in the Asian activism sphere.

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JTTW Episode 11: Ugly Delicious

By Sen Tien

Today we discuss the cultural importance and the racialized nature of food for Asian diaspora. We also cover the show Ugly Delicious, a Netflix original food show. It demonstrates past, present and future presence of Asian American cuisines and the relationships we build around food.

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