Journey To The West


Listen to actual Asian women give social commentary on topical news, Asian issues, feminism with a lot of the meandering and bs cut out. Hosted by Vi, J, Sen and Wen.


Vi Nguyen • Host • @missvinguyen
Vi lives on the US West Coast and is of Vietnamese descent. She writes for April Mag. Fun Fact: Vi is an Asian beauty addict and goes full ajumma visor in the summer.
J. Maraan • Host • @j_maraan
J is from the US East Coast and is of Filipina descent. She also writes for April Mag. Fun Fact: She likes repainting figurines and dabbles in the TRPGs.
Sen Tien • Editor • @sen_tient
Sen is the token Aussie and is of Vietnamese descent. She edits all the things. Fun Fact: Needs donations to her Jungkook shrine.
Wen • Host
Wen is from the East Coast of the US and is of Chinese descent. She is the most elusive of the bunch and likes to lurk. Fun Fact: Lowkey loves Alex Tang and likes photography.

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