Final Update

We’ve decided to end our run at ProAsian Voice due to a lack of staffing, resources, and time. It’s just not feasible for us to produce consistent content on our own.

But with every end comes new beginnings: there will be new pods to be record, new articles to write, and new videos to share.

Thanks for hearing what we’ve had to say these past couple of years! We hope you’ll stick around for our new projects.

For future & forthcoming content updates, please follow:

@JTTW_podcast, @PlanAMag, and Urbanity Magazine (launching 2020, contact @alisonrohpark for inquiries)

Under Construction

Sorry for the silence these past few months! A number of personal responsibilities and issues kept us from updating our website and providing new content. But we’ve been discussing the many changes we’re planning to make to improve our zine behind the scenes, and we’re excited to share a new mission statement, new aesthetics, new ideas, and new resources in the coming months.

Along with these changes, we’ll be streamlining and migrating existing content to a new host to gain more design freedom than we had before. This will take some time, so please bear with us as we find and settle into a new online home.

In the meantime, the Journey to the West podcast will be returning soon, though at a reduced frequency due to scheduling difficulties.

We look forward to sharing new media with you, and we hope you’ll rejoin us once our site transformation is complete.

J, Editor