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Sorry for the silence these past few months! A number of personal responsibilities and issues kept us from updating our website and providing new content. But we’ve been discussing the many changes we’re planning to make to improve our zine behind the scenes, and we’re excited to share a new mission statement, new aesthetics, new ideas, and new resources in the coming months.

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J, Editor

“Not A Chinaman’s Chance”: The Modern Day Yellow Peril

(7 min read)

How does a pen become a knife?

On June 14th, the King’s County Sheriff’s Office received several panicked 911 calls insisting that a man with a knife was threatening people. One resident was so fearful that he fired a “warning shot” from his personal handgun, then retreated into his home. Eyewitnesses would later choose a butterfly knife, confiscated from the home from which Le rented a room, as the weapon in his hand that night. But after Tommy Le was shot and killed — just hours before his high-school graduation — the “knife” in his hand was revealed to be just a pen. Continue reading “Not A Chinaman’s Chance”: The Modern Day Yellow Peril