JttW Episode 32: Decolonizing Asian Feminism

By Sen Tien

J and Sen talk about issues with Asian Feminism and how we have to foster trust and build a community that we actively want to be a part of.
Read the Asian Love series for more context.


JTTW Episode 31: Red Indie Film

By Sen Tien

Join Vi and J with special guest Candace Ho, the writer and director of indie short film, Red, which deals with microaggressions and the fetishization of Asian women in a creative way. We talk about what inspired the film, from the overall lack of education about Asian American history to how difficult it is to have discussions about community issues with our own friends and family. Supporting indie creators willing to tackle Asian issues instead of shy away from it is important to us — if you can, please donate to help get this short made. Continue reading JTTW Episode 31: Red Indie Film

JTTW Episode 30: White Freeze

By Sen Tien

J rants about her cousin’s weekend wedding with their highkey racist guests and in-laws and experiencing the “white freeze”. We also touch on the opposite phenomenon, Asians playing court jester when encountering this.

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