TMFL Episode 78: A Korean Adoptee At Home In White America

By Albert Hur and Teen Adam tells Teen about growing up as a Korean American adopted by white and Jewish parents.  We talk about the personal experience of it, its political wrappings, the injustice of Judge John C. Odell's enforcement of Adam Crapser's deportation to South Korea, and the frustration of talking about adoption online.

TMFL Episode 77: Justin Chon Tells the Story of Making ‘Gook’

By Albert Hur and Teen Justin Chon's 'Gook' is sure to set off emotions, debate, and a lot of reflection.  Hopefully, it also sets off the box office.  We talk with Justin about the film as a labor of love and personal obligation, and the importance of reviving consciousness of the word 'gook' itself.

TMFL Episode 67: Kenny Probably Wants Some Cola

By Albert Hur and Teen We talk to filmmaker Kenneth Eng about his documentary "My Life In China," which recently re-debuted on PBS's Facebook Live channel.  It's one of our favorite documentaries and a perfect example of the kind of biographical histories we wish to see more of.

TMFL Episode 60: Racist Love

By Albert Hur and Teen Jong, Tang, Al, and Teen debate Frank Chin and Jeffrey Paul Chan's seminal essay, "Racist Love," and its relevance in Trump's America.  The essay can be found here: We also plug Frank Chin's "lost novel," edited for publication by Calvin McMillin and available here: This was one of…

TMFL Episode 57: All The Things To All The People

By Albert Hur and Teen Matt Goodman, a law and philosophy student at Washington University in St. Louis, joins his brother Adam to discuss the potential for Asian Americans to play a bridging role between the social chasm that has opened up across racial and class lines in the United States. Teen worries. Matt and…