Albert Hur


Peoples of Europe, Guard Your Most Sacred Possessions (1895) from the Yellow Peril coming hither on his Cloud…

The Asian Love Series

“Ideology does indeed importantly contain many false propositions, such as the claim that Asians are inferior to Europeans or that the Queen of England is highly intelligent; but the falsity of such claims is not what is peculiarly ideological about them. What makes such false claims ideological is the motivation of their falsity: the fact that they encode emotive attitudes relevant to the reproduction of social power.”

— Terry Eagleton, The Ideology of the Aesthetic

The Interstitial Zone Series

“Whoever reaches into a rosebush may seize a handful of flowers; but no matter how many one holds, it’s only a small portion of the whole. Nevertheless, a handful is enough to experience the nature of the flowers. Only if we refuse to reach into the bush, because we can’t possibly seize all the flowers at once, or if we spread out our handful of roses as if it were the whole of the bush itself — only then does it bloom apart from us, unknown to us, and we are left alone.”

— Lou Andreas-Salomé, The Object of Nietzsche’s Desire


“Ideology must not so thoroughly center the subject as to castrate its desire; instead we must be both cajoled and chastised, made to feel both homeless and at home, folded upon the world yet reminded that our true resting place is in infinity.”

— Terry Eagleton, The Ideology of the Aesthetic


It’s all a matter of perspective.