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ProAsian Voice is a grassroots movement and platform that draws upon a foundation of shared knowledge to promote the essential truths of the Asian Diaspora. We created a political agenda to secure our freedom from oppression and white supremacy.

What Does It Mean to Be “Pro-Asian”?

To be “Asian” or “Asian American” is not a personal identity, but a political one.

The political identity of “Asian” or “Asian American”, as opposed to any ethno-national identities based on citizenship or blood, is a formation and classification designed by various White Supremacist Imperialists and Colonialists as part of the repressive socioeconomic stratification that exists within European countries, former European and American colonies/protectorates, and countries currently under occupation by White settlers (e.g., North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

The political identity of “Asian” or “Asian American” is also a counter-formation and counter-classification by political dissidents within those countries that seeks to unite a broad class of people within the boundaries of this political categorization and transform it from a fragmented ethnic diaspora into a polis capable of providing defense for its members and freely pursuing its material interests.

We are those political dissidents.”


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